Tuesday 10 December 2013

How to Spend a Day on a Cruise

If you've ever been on a cruise, you know there are days at sea, and days in port.

The days at sea are filled with activities, organized by the Entertainment department, and led by young energetic employees, whose sole responsibility is to do nothing more than ensure you're having a good time (and through their uber energy, make you feel not so spry, all at the same time).

You may or may not participate in these scheduled events. The choice is completely yours. I normally opt out, with the occasional exception of participating in a round of trivia, because if I know anything about myself, it is that my mind is filled with useless, trivial information valuable only when asked, "What kind of ducks are in the fountain at the Peabody Hotel?" (North American mallards--see what I mean--useless.)

On the days when the ship is in port, the organized on-board activities are fewer, if any, because most of the passengers are entertaining themselves somehow, on dry land. I plan my days according to whether it's a sea day or a land day.  So, what to do when the ship can't dock due to unforeseen circumstances like, oh, say, 12 foot high waves due to a hurricane? Such was the case on a recent cruise on NCL's Breakaway. What is the back-up plan? Simple. Eat. Then eat some more. And again. One more time. Eat.

Here then is a day in the life of a passenger (me) on a port day that wasn't, that I like to call:

                                          Gorge Your Way Around the Ship Day




Before dinner


After dinner 

After dinner snack

The End
(No. Not really. Next day. Repeat as above.)

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