About Me

It's no secret I love to travel. My first big voyage was across the cold waters of the north Atlantic at the age of eight, when I left a tiny island in the Azores for a large metropolis in North America (Toronto, Canada). I've been hooked ever since. So it's no surprise that I write about various destinations or locales not my own.

I've done my share of camping, "roughing it" in my much younger days. Today, I confess, I prefer the comfort and pampering provided in a luxury vacation or hotel stay. I won't apologize for it!

I love food and have been having a love affair with it for years. Presently, I'm probably eating something or thinking about it. When I travel, it's always about food (it's also about the coffee, which can be hit and miss depending on where you are). 

I live in Mississauga, Ontario, surrounded by a large circle of family and friends, four grandchildren, a couple of goldfish and a few dogs (no cats).

I believe in lifelong learning, and travel provides the opportunity to keep learning. I have a sense of adventure, love to laugh and tell stories. In my travel writing, I write the facts as I see or experience them. In my fiction writing, I leave it up to the reader to figure out if it's fact or fiction. 

My first short story, Three Days in Lisbon, is now available on Amazon. Check it out.


  1. Look forward to reading more of your blog! I liked the post about macaroons, I don't think I've ever had one before haha. I just signed up for follow by email, so keep the good posts comin!

  2. Hi Andrew,
    Thanks so much for your comment. I really appreciate it.
    I'll do my very best to keep those posts rolling in!

  3. What a delightful time I had reading your blog. You remind me of a friend I met long ago, when I spent a summer with the Opus Angelorum in Fatima, during which I visited many of the places you wrote about. Happy Trails, Jean

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